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Star Wars 1977 First Printing
  • Star Wars 1977 First Printing

    Star Wars 1977 (20th Century Fox) First Printing One Sheet (27" X 41") Style A International (No Ratings Box) ROLLED NEVER FOLDED.


    This is a GUARANTEED original movie poster. This is not a REPRINT or a REPRODUCTION. This is NOT a "Hairy Belt" Bootleg. Please see photos.


    Starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, and James Earl Jones. Directed by George Lucas. Artwork by Tom Jung. This is one of the most well known and iconic images in all of film. This poster is guaranteed to appreciate in value over time and is a must have for all collections. This poster has NO VISIBLE DEFECTS and was issued rolled and never folded. I guarantee you will never find one of these posters in better condition. This poster has sold for more than $4,000 at auction.


    This poster comes ROLLED as issued and is in C9 Near Mint Condition.


    The original release style A one sheet has four printing variations. First printings were bootlegged, and can be easily identified by a printing irregularity in the form of a small hair in Luke's belt as well as a few other things. Otherwise known as the "Hairy Belt Bootleg". The 2nd to 4th Printings have no known bootlegs or reproduction printings. Sometimes people try to pass off regular licensed posters measuring 27"X40" or 24"X36" as originals but they are easily recognized. The "Hairy Belt" bootleg is also known as the Fan Club version from the 80's and is usually rolled never folded. The attached photos above show Luke's belt area without the infamous rogue "hair" on it.  Even more rare than these posters is the INTERNATIONAL version first printing which has no ratings box. The First Printing "No Ratings Box" has no known bootlegs. Please see photos above. And as always please do your own research on these different versions.


    1st Printing: "one sheet - style A" and NSS number 77/21-0 (International Version has NO RATINGS BOX)

    2nd Printing: "one sheet - style A" and NSS number 77/21 and STAR WARS written beneath it.

    3rd Printing: "one sheet - style A" and NSS number 77/21

    4th Printing: NSS number 77/21 and STAR WARS written beneath it.

    All the versions have the NSS information, and the GAU logo with “made in the USA”.


    Please contact us with any questions.


      If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email us and ask. We will be happy to assist you with more information.



      If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 7 days of receipt for a full refund.  The customer incurs any cost of diminished value in the product upon return.


      Please email us if you require additional photos of the poster. We will be happy to send them prior to your purchase. 

    $2,000.00 Regular Price
    $1,500.00Sale Price
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